Do Mushrooms Need Light to Grow?

Do Mushrooms Need Light to Grow?

When container gardening, or growing food at home, you often assume that your plants need a light source for proper growth.

However, if you’re growing mushrooms, you might ask the question: do mushrooms need light to grow?

The answer might surprise you! We’re covering various methods for growing mushrooms at home and frequently asked questions, such as do mushrooms need light to grow.

Growing Mushrooms – DIY or Kit Method

When growing mushrooms at home, you’ll want to consider the method you’re using to grow them.

Mushroom Logs

One option is to purchase a mushroom log. We’ve done a full review of mushroom logs in this article. However, our favorite brand is 2funguys, which sells multiple mushroom log options on Amazon.

Our top pick for beginners utilizing a mushroom log is Mr. Stumpy from 2funguys. This log grows shitake mushrooms, however they have options for many other varieties as well in their other products.

DIY Method

Another method of growing mushrooms at home is what we call the DIY method. By using a shallow container and a light layer of soil you can grow mushrooms in your own home.

This process typically yields mushrooms a little quicker than a mushroom log will. A typical cycle can take 1-2 months to grow mushrooms using a DIY method, vs So if you’re impatient or wanting to speed the process up, this could be a better option for you.

Growing Mushrooms – Factors for Success

Lets go over what you need to make sure your mushrooms grow and thrive.

Light Source – Do Mushrooms Need Light to Grow?

“Do mushrooms need light to grow” is probably the most asked question for gardeners that are just starting to grow mushrooms at home.

The answer to this is fairly simple – they do not! In fact, they prefer cool, dark places. Whether you’re using a mushroom log or a DIY method you should not give your mushrooms a lot of light.

Moisture Levels

Mushrooms like to be very moist while growing. Its best to ensure if you’re using the DIY method to spray them with water frequently to ensure they have the moisture they need.

If you’re using a mushroom log, often they ask you to create a moisture tent (full instructions in this guide) to ensure that the air and mushroom log have ample moisture for the mushrooms to thrive.

Growing Mushrooms at Home – Pros and Cons

Growing mushrooms at home can be a very satisfying process. Lets talk about some of the pro’s and con’s of growing mushrooms.

Pros of Growing Mushrooms at Home

Save Money Over Time

Mushrooms are often expensive at a grocery store compared to other produce. Growing them at home can be a way to save money over time.

Mushroom logs are relatively cheap – you can get them from $20 – $50 at most places. You can grow all types of gourmet mushrooms (shitake, oyster, lion, and more!). You can also grow them using a DIY method for relatively cheap as well.

Cons of using a Mushroom Log

Mushrooms can take a long time to grow

Depending on what method you’re using to grow your mushrooms (either a log or DIY method) it can take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months to see the fruits of your labor.

DIY methods typically yield mushrooms within 2 months (sometimes less). A mushroom log takes longer to produce vegetables, but they continue to yield mushrooms for a longer period of time. You can often use mushroom logs for multiple years.