How to Grow Basil Hydroponically – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Grow Basil Hydroponically – A Beginner’s Guide

For beginners, attempting to grow basil hydroponically can be intimidating. However, we’re here to help! Growing hydroponically can be a great way to grow plants year round.

Basil is a very beginner friendly plant to start your hydroponic garden with – keep reading to learn why!

Should you use a Hydroponic System?

There’s always the question when growing a plant hydroponically on if you should use a system or attempt to DIY it.

To grow basil hydroponically, you can of course choose either route. However, for beginners (or for a lower maintenance and quicker option), we do recommend using a system. You can get them for a relatively affordable price, and it makes the entire process much less intimidating to get started.

This is our top pick for a hydroponic system for growing basil, but to read further about different options check out this blog post comparing different types of hydroponic systems.

If you’re new to hydroponics and interested in learning the basics, check out our latest post on how does a hydroponic system work.

Ideal Conditions to Grow Basil Hydroponically

Pruning Hydroponic Basil

Hydroponic basil will require regular pruning. The goal is to prevent the plant from being too top, or “end” heavy. To prevent this, you’ll want to prune branches as the plant grows. For more instructions on how to prune your basil plant, we encourage you to check out this article!

Nutrient Requirements

Depending on which hydroponic system you’re using, you may need to add additional nutrients to the water. We recommend a nutrient solution like Root Farm’s All purpose supplement. However, depending on your system some seed pods come with nutrients incorporated.

Light Requirements

Light is necessary for basil to thrive. If you’re creating your own hydroponic system, we recommend investing in a grow light. If using a hydroponic grow system, odds are it comes with one built in, which is most likely more than adequate.

We recommend up to 10-12 hours of light for your plant per day, but be sure to give your plant some time to rest! A cycle of light and dark is important for basil to grow properly.

Temperature to Grow Basil Hydroponically

Basil thrives in warmer weather, so its ideal to have an environment between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. A little deviation is ok though, so dont fret if you prefer to keep your house at 69 degrees.

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