The Best Tomato Grow Bag Options

The Best Tomato Grow Bag Options

If you’re new to gardening, chances are you haven’t thought of using tomato grow bags. Grow bags are essentially a fabric pot that you can grow your plants in, and they’re handy when planting tomatoes for a few different reasons. Keep reading to learn more!

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What is a Grow Bag?

Essentially, a grow bag is a fabric version of a pot. Instead of using a traditional pot in your container garden, you’d plant your plants in a grow bag. Because of the breathability of the fabric growing in a grow bag can have some advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of using Grow Bags for Tomatoes

One of the main pro’s in using grow bags is that your plant’s roots will get a lot of aeration. This is good for tomatoes especially, who like a well aerated soil.

Additionally, grow bags will help keep your plant from overheating. This is not as big of a risk if you’re thinking of planting tomatoes in the ground. However if you’re deciding between a typical planter and a grow bag, then grow bags will keep your plant’s roots much cooler. In the hot summer months that tomatoes thrive in you risk overheating your plant in traditional planters. A tomato grow bag is breathable and helps keep your plants cool in the heat.

An obvious pro of using a grow bag is that its less permanent than traditional in ground gardening. You can move your plants around, and dont need a space for a garden. This is a good solution for renters or if you’re unsure of where you want your plants to live.

Cons of Grow bags for Tomatoes

The biggest con of using a tomato grow bag is that you risk dehydrating your plants. Tomatoes require frequent watering. A grow bag is porous by nature and as a result it can mean that water will drain quickly from your plant after watering. If using a grow bag for your tomatoes its best to plan to water frequently and generously.

The Best Tomato Grow Bag Options

Best General Use- IPOW Grow Bags

The IPOW Grow Bags have a mix of everything. They’re made with breathable fabric that provides great drainage, allowing plants to regulate temperature and aerate the soil.

The fabric is durable, and has built in handles allowing for easier mobility for people who may want to move plants around. This is a great feature for someone in an apartment or space with limited sunlight, as it allows you to move your plants to wherever the sunniest spot is.

These grow bags are also very versatile. While in this article we’re covering the best grow bags for tomatoes, these grow bags have a flap that makes them particularly useful for potatoes or other plants that grow fruit below the ground. The easy open flap allows you to harvest quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Best Budget Option: VivoSun Grow Bags

As the #1 Best Seller on Amazon, Vivosun had to be one of our top picks for a grow bag. Their price is one of the best, but you also get pretty decent quality for your money here too.

They’re made with durable non-woven material that allows for excellent drainage. They also come with handles built in, making it easy to maneuver and move plants around as needed. Its also worth noting that these bags are BPA free and environmentally friendly.

The 16k reviews on Amazon speak to their durability too – with many users noting they’ve used them for multiple grow seasons with no issue.

These bags come in a wide variety of sizes, with both a 5 pack of 10 gallon size option on Amazon. The affordability combined with durability makes this is our pick for a bargain grow bag.

Runner Up: Wraxly Fabric Grow Bags

We love the Wraxly Fabric Grow Bags for a few reasons. First – you’ll notice they have a great aesthetic compared to other brands. Their two tone design and variety of colors sets them apart from the competition.

Aside from the look, they are also crafted with great care. The sides have a unique waterproof liner to prevent leaking while watering plants. The bottom still allows for plenty of drainage to gain the porous benefits of grow bags.

You can order these grow bags in a pack of 5 bags that come packaged gift-ready in a bonus 2 gallon bag! Perfect for giving as a gift to your green thumbed friend. The downside to this brand is they only have two sizes available – 5 gallon and 7 gallon, which may not be big enough for some larger plants/trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size grow bag do you need for tomatoes?

It somewhat depends on what type of tomatoes you’re trying to grow. There are miniature varieties that dont require much space at all. However, a general guideline that will satisfy most of your tomatoes is a 5-7 gallon bag at a minimum.

If you happen to have a larger one on hand, feel free to use that! You can always size up to a larger grow bag, however a smaller size might slow your plant’s growth. If you’re unsure what your type needs (although it usually says on the plant care tags), better to go larger to avoid crowded roots.

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