5 Types of Indoor Terrariums You Can Build Today

5 Types of Indoor Terrariums You Can Build Today

An indoor terrarium is a fun, low maintenance addition to your indoor garden. A terrarium is simply an enclosed ecosystem, so the specific type of terrarium can vary depending on what you want. We recommend them for beginners because of the easy maintenance and general resilience of the plants inside, although some are easier than others!

Today we’re covering 5 different ideas for indoor terrariums to get you started!

Moss Terrarium

One of the easiest and most straightforward terrariums to create is a moss terrarium. While we admit it may not be the MOST exciting terrarium, its likely one of the easiest and cheapest if you’re on a budget.

Once you set up a moss terrarium there’s really very little maintenance to it, for a full care guide and how to create one check out our Moss Terrarium Guide.

Moss Ball Terrarium

Moss balls have been growing in popularity lately, and we can see why! This is not your typical indoor terrarium, mainly because Marimo moss balls should be submerged in water. In fact, they can even be kept in an aquarium with fish!

We love Marimo moss balls and using them in an indoor terrarium is almost like adding a pet to your home. To read about how to care for one and how to make a terrarium for them to thrive in, check out our guide on how to create a Marimo moss ball terrarium.

Venus Fly Trap Terrarium

We’ll admit that Venus fly traps are not necessarily the easiest indoor terrarium for beginners to start with. However, they really aren’t as hard to care for as you might think. Venus fly traps are kind of “pet” that you can add to your home, and don’t worry – feeding them live insects is not required!

Check out our full guide on how to create a Venus fly trap terrarium here.

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent terrariums are perfect for low maintenance beginner gardeners! Succulents have been trendy for a few years now and its because of their low maintenance care routine. This is definitely a type of terrarium we would recommend for beginners.

Orchid Terrarium

Orchids can be a bit temperamental, but following the right care guide can make them easier to handle and help them thrive in your home! An orchid indoor terrarium adds beauty and interest to your home décor.

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