How to Create a Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

How to Create a Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Ever thought about getting a Marimo moss ball? They’ve definitely grown in popularity over the past few years. A Marimo moss ball is a type of plant (we like to think of it as a pet) that lives in water.

The word Marimo is actually Japanese, and literally translates into “seaweed ball”. These plants have recently grown in popularity but have been around for hundreds of years! We’re covering how (and what you’ll need) to make your own marimo moss ball terrarium!

Interested in how to care for a marimo moss ball? We’ve got you covered there too! Check out our guide on how to care for a marimo moss ball.

What You’ll Need

A Moss Ball

The most obvious piece you’ll need to create a marimo moss ball terrarium is, of course, a moss ball.

You can find moss ball’s from a number of places. We like the aquatic arts store on Amazon. They’re the number one seller in their category, and have a lot of high reviews from customers.

This packet of marimo moss balls comes with a set of six moss balls that should be between 1.5-2 inches in diameter. This might sound small, but marimo moss balls are very slow growing creatures. These marimos are 4-5 years old!

A Terrarium

The terrarium is probably the most fun piece to pick out for your marimo’s new home! Choose one that reflects your personal style and will fit into your home well. Below are a few that we love, but the limits are endless! Marimo moss balls will thrive in basically any glass container, with our without a lid.

Driftwood Terrarium

We love this driftwood terrarium for a unique option for your moss ball’s new home. This would go great with natural, earthy décor.

Simple Corked Terrarium

A simple, classic option that will go with many types of décor is this classic corked glass terrarium.

Accent Pieces for Your Terrarium

Aside from your moss ball and the actual container, you may also want some accent pieces for your terrarium. This could be aquarium pebbles, faux plants, or even fish!

Yep – you read that right. Moss balls can be kept in an aquarium with fish too. In fact, they help filter and clean the water for your fish.

How to Create a Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Creating a terrarium for your moss ball is fairly simple, you will basically assemble your terrarium and then add water. Place any pebbels or accent plants in the bottom of your terrarium first to set the stage. Then add water and your moss balls, and your all set up!

Feel free to use tap water for this terrarium. If you are putting your moss ball in an aquarium with fish, stick to your regular water used for your fish already. Moss balls are hearty and can survive in a variety of conditions.

When placing your moss ball terrarium in your home, make sure that you dont place it in an area with direct sunlight. Marimo moss ball’s thrive best in a brightly lit room with indirect lighting. Placing it in direct light can risk burning your marimo moss ball.

Care & Maintenance for Your New Pet

Basic maintenance from here is to change the water every other week. There’s no need to feed your moss ball, they take care of everything they need through photosynthesis.

When changing the water, we recommend giving your moss ball a massage. Gently roll your moss ball between your palms under running water before placing it back into the fresh water. Your moss ball will appreciate this extra effort!

For a full care guide on marimo moss balls, check out our marimo moss ball care guide.

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