Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Ever considered using a faux fiddle leaf fig?

There’s no way around it, fiddle leaf figs are fickle beasts. If you’ve ever owned one, you know they can be super finnicky. Between the amount of light it requires, how much water it needs, how susceptible it is to root rot, and more, these plants are tough for beginners to manage.

Which leads us to our topic today – faux fiddle leaf fig trees. Faux plants are a little taboo in the gardening world, but at Fig and Spruce we feel like there should be zero shame in faux plants. Keep reading to why you should consider using a faux fiddle leaf fig, and what the best options are!

3 Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Not all faux plants are created equal.

When choosing you want one that looks natural, and that can be tough to find. We’re covering our top picks below for realistic looking trees in a variety of sizes!

Best Overall: Nearly Natural Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’re looking for a premium faux fiddle leaf fig tree, Nearly Natural is a great brand to start with. Their faux fiddle leaf fig tree comes in four height options: 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches.

This plant also comes in a small black planter that can be used long term if you like. However we think you’ll probably want to replace it with a larger planter like this large woven basket to balance out the height of this faux plant.

Nearly Natural’s team of designers are experts in recreating faux plants for those wishing to avoid untimely deaths of their plants. Their leaves are noted as very natural and realistic. Reviewers of this product mention that after you receive your plant, fluff the tree’s leaves to give it a more realistic vibe. Some have even removed a leaf or two to make the plant appear more real – but this is totally optional and up to you!

This brand does come at a higher price point than its competitors, but it is the most realistic option in our opinion if your main concern is getting a natural looking plant.

Best Budget Option: Besamenature Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’re looking for a slightly lower price point than our first option, BesameNature is another great brand in the faux plant industry. Their faux fiddle leaf fig comes in three height options: 22 inch, 30 inch, and 40 inch.

While they’re not as tall as the options from nearly natural, they are very high quality and realistic looking. Similar to nearly natural, this plant comes in a small black planter that you’ll most likely want to replace with a more attractive one that suits your home’s décor.

The biggest pro to this brand is that their plants start at a lower price point than other comparable models, while still providing a realistic look to their faux figs. Their tallest 40″ fiddle leaf fig rings up at just under $60. Comparatively, nearly natural’s comparable option is 48″ for over $100.

Best Small Option: Real Touch Fiddle Leaf Tabletop Plant

Maybe you only have a small space where you want to place your fiddle leaf fig, and need something small?

This faux fiddle leaf fig from Naturally Home Accents is only 12″ tall, making it the smallest option of the three. It also comes with an attractive white ceramic pot, which means it arrives ready to be placed in your home! Simply remove the plant from the box, fluff the leaves, and place it wherever you want.

Why consider a faux fiddle leaf fig?

Lets talk about some of the reasons you might want to consider when evaluating if a faux plant is right for your home.

Easy maintenance

The most obvious advantage of a faux fiddle leaf fig is is that you can’t kill it. Fiddle leaf figs are notorious for being temperamental. Its extremely easy to over water or underwater a fiddle leaf fig, which is a common pitfall for new gardeners. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which can be detrimental to a plant.

Fiddle leaf figs are also very sensitive, to basically everything. If you move them to a new spot in your room it can cause leaves to drop. Repotting a fiddle leaf can cause trauma for the plant. Sometimes it can feel like just looking at your plant the wrong way will cause an issue. With a faux fiddle leaf, you avoid a lot of potential heartache and trouble.

Pet friendly

A lesser known fact about fiddle leaf figs is that their leaves are actually not pet friendly! When you have a live fiddle leaf fig you should be weary of any leaves that may be consumed by your furry friends.

If your pets have a tendency to munch on leaves right off the plant, be aware that fiddle leaf fig leaves can be toxic for cats and dogs. If ingested, the leaves can cause gastrointestinal irritation, as well as a range of other unpleasant symptoms for your fur babies.

Great for low-light rooms

Real fiddle leaf figs are very sensitive to light. If your home does not get a lot of natural light, it could be difficult to keep a real fiddle leaf fig happy in your home. In keeping with its difficult temperament, fiddle leaf figs need a lot of indirect light. However, if you give them too much direct light you risk burning the plant.

All that to say, if you have a room that does not get the right amount of natural light for a real fiddle leaf, a faux fiddle leaf fig will be your best friend.

Interested in more resources for indoor gardeners? Check out our Indoor Plant Guides for more info!

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