The Best Plant Stands for Tiny Spaces

The Best Plant Stands for Tiny Spaces

If you’re a plant lover living in a tight space – a plant stand is essential. Plant stands allow you to display multiple plants in a compact way.

However – not all plant stands are created equal! Today we’re exploring some of our top picks for different spaces and why we love them.

Best for Tiny Spaces: Desheng Bamboo Plant Stand

Why we love it: this tiny but mighty stand is our top pick for those in super small spaces! This plant stand is only 15.7”L*8.3”W*48.6”H, but can hold different plants at a time! This plant tower is the perfect solution for those who love plants but only have a small space to dedicate to greenery.

This plant stand is available on Amazon now for $41.99 and has over 1,000 reviews with a 4.5 star average.

Best Option for the Plant Lover: Bamboo 9 Tier 17 Potted Plant Stand

For those that need a plant stand that can hold MANY plants, this is the one for you. This bad boy holds roughly 17 potted plants, so you can display all of your babies in one shelving unit.

This stand is also made of bamboo – making it eco friendly!

This stand is a little pricier than others in our top picks, but with the added plant capacity it could be worth splurging for. This stand is available on Amazon right now for $65.99, and has over 500 reviews with an average 4.5 star rating.

Most Versatile Option: Vivosun 3 Tier Bamboo Stand

Why we love it: This stand comes with 3 separate tiers, along with a hanging rod for plants that look great hanging, such as string of pearls. The fact that the hanging rod is incorporated means it is multi-functional. Lets say one day you need some additional closet space, this shelving unit can be utilized as a clothing rack with a few quick changes!

Also, the bamboo material is eco-friendly, making this shelf sustainable, functional, and cute! Its available on Amazon now for $52.99.

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